Badminton Betting in the UK

Badminton Betting in the UK Since the 1992 Olympics, badminton has grown to become a popular game. In the UK, it’s played on a professional level.

In several forms, international competitions and cups have materialized its existence. Moreover, interest in this challenging sport has led to growth in badminton betting opportunities for new UK betting sites.

Badminton Bets

Common Types Of Betting Standard Bet

Preference is given to straight 1 x 2 bet. Here, you bet on home (host) or away (visiting) team. In case the match ends at equal, it’s regarded as a draw. Rectangular boxes bear different odd categories. On most platforms, numbers are represented in fractions or decimals.

Wagers or Handicap Bet

Odd or even options define this market. Bookies predict basing on whoever will lead after attaining a sum of points. Experts mathematically find the correct scores for the winning team. You are also free to risk in the over and under markets. You can check the bookmaker opportunities at this great article.

Recent events have led to development of player based bets. Here, you chose which player will score the next point. In other circumstances, successful players must attain a given quota of points.

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Features of a Good Badminton Betting Site

Choosing the best badminton betting site is crucial if you have to realize gambling goals. Although they are countless, where you bet may determine bet success. A good site should have the following characteristics:

Betting Choices

Every bookmaker has to offer limitless options. First and foremost, he has to understand that badminton is not only an Olympics game but also an international sport. Competitions like the World Championship, Super Series among others have to be taken into consideration.

Range of Markets

Where possible, the site should involve standard markets, winners, wagers, and points. Payment options should also be user-friendly. When charging for deposits, affordable rates should be applied. Lastly, flexible withdrawal times and charges are a plus.

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UK Badminton Betting Sites


Badminton Betting in the UKSince 2009, this UK licensed site has signed up thousands of bettors. As one of the betting giants, it offers a casino for its members. Expanding platforms have real time involvement of renowned badminton events. When betting on this site, you gain exposure to many bet markets. Custom options let you wire money to a cash limit of $5000.


Apart from the online casino games, this hybrid site has valid licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. If you join this site, you have access to Badminton betting opportunities like the world championship games. Although the major markets are winner and loser slots, all badminton categories are explored extensively. Furthermore, the deposit fee is greatly discounted with minimum withdrawals of $20.


Badminton Betting in the UKWith the luxury of an E-shop, UK bettors can accumulate loyalty points and trade for great rewards. International players flock this site to gain double advantages. Focus on badminton games gives it an edge over the competitors. Furthermore, handicap and point-limit markets define this site. As for withdrawals, the first weekly charge is free.

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Badminton Betting in the UKBettors rely on this site for live betting. As easy as it is, Betfinal offers timeless player promotions. Although its odds are similar to other bookies, Bets are restricted to winner markets. Combined multi bets limit probability of loss. However, payouts are limited to $3000.

If this seems too difficult, then move on to SportPesa. With a UK license, it covers global games. Your commitment to this site could earn you a 100% free bet bonus. Although you cannot compare badminton to football, bookies are running for this slice. UK Badminton betting scores are constantly rising.